Honda Fit losing power

I have a 2007 Honda Fit with a standard transmission. My car has started losing power and decelerating even though, even with my foot on the gas. If I am on the interstate It will drop to about 35-40 and ten after 15 seconds or so it will accelerate again. If I am driving in town and I stop it will stall out. NO lights come on with it. It is very intermittent and I had to to the dealership and they said they couldn’t tell what was going on since it didn’t do it for them. I only have 70,000 miles and should have a road ready but I am afraid to take in on the interstate anywhere after a couple of frightening instances.

Your vehicle has a Drive-By-Wire throttle system.

This means instead of having a throttle cable between the gas pedal and the throttle body, there’s a throttle position sensor at the gas pedal that sends a signal to the computer, and the computer then sends a signal to an electric motor on the throttle body to open the throttle plate depending on how hard you’re stepping on the gas pedal.

Ask them if there’s a way to test the throttle position sensor at the gas pedal.


I agree with @Tester. My TPS went out on my 2005 Dodge Dakota and it acted like your Fit. I drove directly and slowly to the nearest auto parts and replaced it.

Dealerships. They don’t want to do it unless it’s easy.
My wild guess would have been a dying fuel pump. But whatever it is, whether it’s a dying fuel pump, a failing TPS, or something else, it CAN be diagnosed and repaired be any harfarsed decent tech with some basic analytical equipment and the willingness to do so.

This excuse that “it wouldn’t do it for us so therefor we can’t fix it” is another way of saying “go away; we don’t want any problem cars, we only want to do things that we can plan and make a ton of money on. We only want routine maintenance in this shop”.

Find a reputable independently owned and operated local shop. I wish I could write “it is definitely XXX”, but it won’t work hat way.

Having the exact same issue… curious if the throttle position sensor issue was the problem

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