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Honda Element and Big Feet

I test drove an Element last night. I liked everything about it except that my size 15 foot would get caught by the bottom edge of the brake pedal everytime I took my foot off the gas. If I was not careful it would jamb. This is the first car I ever drove that I have this issue with and I have owned an MG too! Anyone else have this problem with the Element?

I have never driven an Element, but have had this problem in certain cars. I have a size 14 foot. You have two solutions: 1) amputate the larger toes on your feet and wear a smaller shoe or 2) forget the Honda Element and drive the MG. The latter option is more fun.

I remember back when I had a size 14 sigh. Sadly, the MG is long gone. I have thought of only wearing really pointy shoes but cannot find them. Thanks.