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Honda CRV Ice / snow accumulation

My brand new CRV continues to accumulate ice and snow.This creates a shaking and rubbing until it either melts . is run through a hot car wash.Dealer has no other advice.Does anybody have an idea to prevent?

Are you referring to ice and snow build-up in the wheel wells? Your post does not state where the accumulation is taking place, so that is just a guess on my part.

When I drive in severe winter conditions, I try to stop in a parking lot every 15 miles or so to get the build-up out of the wheel wells, before it becomes problematic. I carry a short length of broom stick for this purpose.

Did you feel this is a defect in the car?

Yes I beleive that is where it is accumulating.thanks for the tip

Just about every car has this problem. It’s not just your CR-V. The wheel wells on my Subaru pack with snow, too. I just clean it out with a stick or small shovel, like VDCdriver.

Many years ago, while driving on the Garden State Parkway during a snow storm, I was passed by some fool driving an Olds Omega at a ridiculously high speed. His right rear tire had actually stopped rotating because of the incredible build-up of snow in the wheel well. (The left rear tire may have also stopped rotating, but I could not observe it.)

Because the Omega had FWD, it was possible to operate the car this way. Not that it could be operated safely with that problem, but he was able to get it up to a higher speed than road conditions dictated!

On my new CRV ice / snow is accumulating underneath the vehicle and I can not reach with a broom handle.Only warm car washes have helped correct.Any other ideas / answers?

Other than a car wash, I can’t think of anything that will break up an accumulation on the undercarrriage. If it is rubbing on the tires, that should be easy enough to reach with a stick of the proper length. However, I am not sure why a snow accumulation underneath the vehicle would cause it to shake.

Don’t drive in that weather? This is common due to the weather, not the model car. With the ground clearance on this thing, you can’t get in there with anything to clear the ice and snow? Really?

As long as the snow and ice is not in the wheel wells it’s not a problem, other than adding weight to the vehicle. Snow and ice in the wheel wells is potentially problematic, but snow and ice on the bottom of the vehicle won’t hurt anything.

This happens to ALL vehicles that are driven in snow and ice conditions. Have you never had this problem before?

The shaking may be snow and ice accumulating on the WHEELS, which throws them out of balance. The only cure for that is to remove the snow and ice from the wheels. Snow under the car will not cause shaking.

Park it in direct sunlight, avoid all shady places. Try to be out of the wind too.

One would expect with a modern car that the wheel well liners would be flexible enough so the caked snow and ice would fall off. It sounds like Honda did a bad job on the design of this one.