Honda Civic Runs Great but DIFFICULTY on Starts


Have a 1992 Civic which runs like a champ,

on the road.

I am having difficulty starting the engine

both on cold and hot starts. It cranks

well but I have to push the gas pedal as

if forcing gas into the system to get it

going. Is this a simple case of fuel filter clog? Or the pump?

The car is fuel injected and has NEW

plugs, distributor, and rotor. Battery

and alternator seem OK.



The throttle positioning device isn’t opening the throttle so you have to do it until the problem is fixed, (replaced).


So what and where is the throttle positioning
device located? Thanks Much


Considering the age of the car, I would have the fuel pressure tested. It’s also possible that one or more engine sensor is faulty, sending a bad signal to the engine computer.