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Honda Civic gets hot only in traffic after a road trip

93 civic hatch will idle all day, run around town or on the road and not get hot, however take a road trip, followed by a trip in traffic then it will heat up. New water pump, thermostat in car and fan is working. Thanks for the help in advance.

Could be a blown head gasket. Has the coolant level been dropping lately?

When is the last time the cooling system was flushed? Sometimes the small passages inside the radiator become clogged. When this happens, the coolant still flows through the system but it doesn’t cool as efficiently. There are chemical flushes on the market that might help. If they won’t you might need to replace the radiator. If you use a chemical flush, make sure you follow the directions and rinse it all out when you are done.

Try changing the radiator cap. It’s cheap and you’ll be surprised how many cooling system problems it can solve!

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Car just had a new rad. put in at lot the day it was bought, as the one that was in the car was leaking on the test drive.

level has not dropped. only looses some anyifreeze when my son bleeds the air out of the system thinking that some air pockets could be the problem