Honda Civic engine noise

I have a 1997 Honda Civic that recently started making some noise. The noise is a high-pitched whine that seems to be coming from either the power steering pump or the AC compressor (or it could be something completely different). I would like to do some further diagnosis and was wondering if I will do any damage by removing the belt to the power steering pump and running the car. Also, can I remove the AC belt without causing any problems.

I take it you mean idle the engine after. No. Also: yes.

It won’t damage the engine to run it without either the power steering pump or the AC compressor, however doesn’t that vehicle have a serpentine belt that drives everything including the alternator?

If it’s whining while idling or you can make it whine by revving it with the accelerator linkage, it may be easier to just touch a metal tube to various components when it whines and see which one causes the tube to ring.

You also may want to consider checking the idler for the belt. They have a habit of whining when they get old.