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Honda Civic 2007 starting probs

Hi, I have this civic 2007 model imported from UK… after 10 yrs or so, it is starting having difficulty to start. when you press the start button, the starter turn but the engine won’t start immediately and thats for maybe 2/3 times. Then I’ll help her with the pedal gas ( i press a little bit) and starts normally.

Its not doing this always but it getting constant now… Do you think I have to check the heaters ? Or maybe there’s something I can do myself before going to the mechanic?


No,take it to a mechanic. He will probably find the problem in no time.


Imported from UK to where? Are you in Tunisia?

My 1999 Civic has done that a few times. In my case I found the “key dance” worked: turn the key from Off to Run (not all the way to Start) and wait a few seconds for the fuel pump to run then shut off. Do that Off-Run a few times, then turn the key all way to Start.

Looks like your newer Civic has a Start button. But is there a way to do an on-off-on-off procedure before you engage the starter motor?

The idea is to make the fuel pump run a while, so enough fuel and fuel pressure are at the engine. The underlying problem is sometimes an anti-drainback valve in the fuel pump assembly, or some other fault that reduces fuel pressure at the engine while the car sits.

I have found the problem is more likely to happen if there’s not much fuel in the tank, and if temperatures have dropped.

Good luck!

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Is that a reference to the glow plugs? Does your Civic have the 2.2 liter diesel? AFAIK that model isn’t common in the US. Fuel system problem is my best guess.

Malta and its a 22 ltr diesel engine

Yes its a 22ltr diesel engine. If glow plugs mean spark plugs, no not those. You know diesel engine you have to wait a bit for the heaters to come off and then start. I think those are my prob. Guess i have to take it at the mechanic as I can’t find even a clip how to change them.

Yes it has the start button, so I do turn on and of the key the make the pump and heaters work but sometimes ok and sometime no.

The strange thing is that in the morning it start normally with no hassle. And right now temperature is between 10 and 15 in the morning, so i guess not so much of a hassle for an engine to start.

This is what I mean by “glow plugs”: Glowplug - Wikipedia It seems like we’re more or less in agreement.

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