Honda Civic (2006) engine block leak

We have a 2006 Civic and there appears to be a coolant leak coming from the engine block above the started motor, so it is hard to see clearly. The kids are about to leave for Atlanta (from Iowa) and I am concerned that this couild be a crack in the block based on some on-line discussion. Anyone with experience with this? Is it risky to send the kids on a 1000 mile trip without fixing?
thanks, GaryG

I wouldn’t send anyone anyplace in it until I knew what was going on. There are too many reasons to list. If the block is cracked or head is leaking there are bigger problems than just a little coolant loss.

Yes . . it’s risky to send your children on a 1000 mile trip with a car with a possible cracked block How much of a problem would this be for you to get the car to a decent mechanic for an inspection? Seems like a no-brainer to me, but that’s me. Possible problems? Happy New Year! Rocketman

Could also be a “freeze plug” leaking…But as everyone has noted, it’s unwise to travel with this car until the problem is resolved…

What you are probably mistaking for a block leak is the metal coolant tube that runs behind that motor…I will have to double check but many Hondas have a steel tube that runs behind the head above the starter could be one of the rubber hoses going to it rather than the tube…but the main point here is that there is coolant running back there…you just cant see the tube and the hoses… You need to find out what it is BEFORE you do ANYTHING else…PLEASE don’t just drive thru it with your fingers crossed.

If you jack up the car you need to look at this issue from below and behind the engine with a flashlight…to figure it all out.

Just an update. Totally agree with the risk of sending them, so we borrowed a car and I kept this car to get it looked at (we did earlier because of the holiday). Turns out there are 100’s, maybe 1000’s of the 2006-2008 with engine block cracks and we belong to this group. So bad Honda extended the engine warranty indefinitely. We got a new “short block” for free, tested it for a week and then safely made the atlanta exchange. This has not been a reliable car unfortunately. Thanks for the input and suggestions.

I was going Robeson you about the warrantee, but it looks like you found it. At least you got a new zero mile motor for free