Honda Accord Thermostat

It takes my car FOREVER to heat up, and a friend suggested that it is probably the thermostat. He claims this is an easy fix. How much should this cost to repair?

If you do it yourself…about $10. If you let a professional mechanic do it the bill should be less than $50 including the cost of the thermostat and the gasket.

Agreed. This is an easy fix. Grab yourself some gasket sealer too. Just be prepared, you’ll have to drain the coolant from the car. Although that also makes it a great time to flush out your coolant system.

You would just have to drain the coolant level to the level of the thermostat. If the coolant is over three years old, now would be a good time to replace it.
The radiator cooling fans should NOT run when the engine is cool. If they do, troubleshoot the engine coolant temperature sensor, and the radiator fan relay.

Hmmm. Well you might have to provide a lot of cookie bribes to have your mechanic do this for $50 considering that you will probably have $10 involved in coolant alone. I would expect something closer to $100.