Honda accord lx 97

If my Honda has idle problems which surge up and down on park And neutral does it affect anything if you don’t repair it?

I have a 97 Accord!

More than likely there’s a problem with the Idle Air Control valve, or the vacuum hoses going to it.,1997,accord,2.7l+v6,1167498,fuel+&+air,idle+air+control+(iac)+valve,6072

Does it effect anything?

Just wastes fuel.


If you shift from N to D with the idle rpm too high that could possibly create a “jolt” and put more stress on the transmission and drivetrain and wear it out sooner or even damage something, than if the rpm was correct. It could also create a safety problem if you couldn’t maintain a constant vehicle speed when driving in parking lots etc. Good idea to have that problem addressed at your earliest convenience. It’s a pretty common problem if you go by reports here, not just on Honda, but most makes of cars, especially older ones. I had it on my Corolla one time, and it was due to the idle air control gadget.

= not in gear.


It can also be caused by an air pocket in your cooling system…which affects the IAC valve…which makes the idle “hunt”.

My last Accord was a 96’ with a swapped Red Top H22 and 5sp LSD trans from a 94’ Prelude… The added 100Hp over stock was “noticeable”… LOL good times

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My 1985 fuel injected Accord had this symptom when I bought it in 1991.
I thought it might be a faulty engine computer; and I got the seller to reduce the price substantially.
Turns out the thermostat was stuck open.
In this case I’d change the thermostat on principle if it’s the original 22 years old.