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Honda accord alternator replacement

The alternator on my 2005 honda accord went up on me at 456 thousand miles, would it be foolish to install a used honda alternator as a replacement since the original lasted so long? As long as the replacement has low miles?

I can see no problem in installing a used alternator.


456,000 miles on a 2005? That’s 100,000 miles a year! If you’re serious and this is not a prank, my opinion is to install a new or rebuilt alternator, don’t go used. You should also get an award for driving that much . . . 100,000 miles a year is over 2000 miles a week and your backside must be hurting from driving that much! Rocketman

thanks Rocketman, Not a prank - I put 398 thousand on a 99 Sentra before engine died. Why not a used alternator?

My compliments for nursing this baby along for that distance. In Japan they advertise the sturdiness of their cars by citing the long distances Americans put on their cars and the very cold performance that Canandians put them through. No Japanese driver can even conceive of going around the world 18 times!

With respect to the alternator, I would go for a rebuilt one, since a new one would mean you’d have to drive the car another 456,000 miles. A used one is too risky, in my opinion.

Enjoy the next 1/2 million miles!

Today, I would prefer a good, used factory alternator over many of the “rebuilts” being offered…

Yeah, I’d agree. Its hard to find a good rebuild these days. I will only buy AC Delco new or rebuilt now. So if it’s a Honda rebuild maybe, otherwise I’d rather have a used factory unit.

You drive a used vehicle anyway so a used alternator makes a lot of sense. I don’t think rebuilts are “rebuilt” anymore. I think they should be called “patched ups” or “cleaned ups”.

Wow! I’m impressed! I have 510,000 on my '89 Accord and I thought that this was amazing. Why not a used alternator? Changing the alternator on my '89 is a bitch and I wouldn’t like to do it too often. I’d go rebuilt or new, but if you have the time and ability (and a junkyard with a used one that you can verify mileage), go for it! Rocketman BTW . . what do you do that you pile up so many miles on a vehicle?

Im a courier thanks again

When the alternator light came on in my '88 Accord I reached in there and changed the brushes with the alternator in place.
For those still tuned in changing the alternator on the '86-89 Accord involves detaching a driveshaft.
I suspect pulling the master cylinder might be an option.

A used alternator from an '05 Accord would bound to have a lot less miles and wear than your 450K one did. If the price for used is a whole lot less than and one from a parts store - go with used. I don’t think the cost of labor to do an alternator is very high anyway if the used one goes bad on you.

I buy “Robert Bosch” rebuilt units. They have a very good warranty, and an emergency call number.

So, far I have had very good luck with them.

I wish I would’ve thought of that when I was doing mine! Yes, the driveshaft has to come out (along with all the stuff that goes with removing the driveshaft). Rocketman

456,000 miles in 5 years still gets a “Holy Crap that is a lot of driving!” in my book. Rocketman