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Honda 2003 Odyessy Engine replacement

Do I need a new engine??

no compression #4 cylinder, engine light flickering, 1200 miles from home, leaving in 5 days, I replaced plugs, EGR value, idle is steady but chugs and gets worse at 50 miles per hour but goes away as you increase speed, not overheating, new engine quote includes timing belt, water pump, 90 day warrenty, used 50K engine, Price is $3795.00

You need a second and maybe a third opinion as to why you have no compression on #4 cylinder. There are a few simple reasons why you could have no compression and it does not necessarily mean you need a new engine. You need to get from an unknown to a known before you start writing a big check.

Have a leak down test done on #4 cylinder to hear where the air is going. If you are lucky it could be stuck or burnt valve. Since you are not overheating, the problem is probably not a blown head gasket. You might have the mechanic just check the clearances on the valves for cylinder #4 to make sure one has not closed up.

The blinking engine light is telling you that a cylinder is not contributing its share to the power output. The engine computer is warning you that further operation could damage the catalytic converter and possibly start a fire near the CC.

Let us know what the 2nd and 3rd opinions provide.

How many miles on this vehicle?

Find out exactly what’s wrong & how much it’ll cost to fix before you do more damage. Look in CarTalk’s Mechanics Files for another reputable mechanic:

Let us know what they find out about cylinder #4 and a cost estimate to repair your engine.