Hole in aluminium rim

Last night while getting on the interstate, I heard a loud bang and thought I had had a blow-out. After getting off at the next exit and calling AAA to change the tire, the tow truck driver showed me a dime-sized hole in the side of the rim. What would/may have caused this? He said the tire may or may not be OK. It was only two months old.

Likely a defect in manufacturing or road damage. Keep in mind that most aluminum and alloy rims are not as strong as the old steel rims. The very very expensive racing rims are stronger, but they can cost more than a new car.

The tyre could have been damaged due to the sudden loss of pressure and it would be difficult to tell just by looking at it.

If you heard a loud bang, then that was most likely the rim impacting something - and that’s what caused the hole.