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Hiunday tick

Hi. New here so i don’t know if i can paste a link to a fb post. Really frustrated after 8 months of trouble with my 2015 Hyundai.

All cars leak some oil in the intake through PCV. In time it creates all sorts of problems, from burning on valves’ stems and making them move harder and create lifter noises and lifters work harder and foaming oil to trapping dust and turning into a sludge to interfering with swirl flaps like in my case.

Pulling oil from the intake with a modified mat pump seem to alleviate the problem, instantly. I recently installed a catch can that will probably take care of it in the future. In the mean time i don’t know how to remove all oil from intake so i can get rid of the faintest noise still present.

I was born well before WWII and have never had this problem with a car. I am not about to open a Facebook link but you might want to look for another recent post about a 2015 Hyundai. I hope YOU have kept all your oil change receipts.

Am surprised that after 8 months you still don’t know how to spell your car’s manufacturer correctly.

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Hyundai Tick would be a great name for a subcompact car.


Please limit yourself to technical only.

It’s an open forum. You get what you get. Don’t like it, move on. BTW is a Hiunday tick a Lyme disease carrier?


Or a metal band!

Where can I buy a modified mat pump for my 1999 Honda - in case these all sorts of problems crop up now after 185,000 miles and 20 years?

Spam alert.

If he’s spamming for “modified mat pumps”, he ought to mention the brand. And what the heck they are.

OP, Seafoam that intake, brotha!

Now I’m spamming for Seafoam.

Now I’m imagining what I’ll do with all that Seafoam money I’m earning :thinking:

Ooh, maybe I’ll buy a Hiunday.

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That was my first thought. It’s a composite intake with two rows of swirl flaps. The first raw which are vacuum actuated are made of plastic (i saw them with a camera at the end of a wire, am i spamming for that too?).

What’s happening. When i vacuum the bottom of the intake the noise diminishes instantly but can’t get it from all places (folds). Then when i drive it oil trickles up on the intake (it’s an upside down intake compared to old time standards) then goes down back in the folds and kinda equalizes so since there’s only one gallery with more oil where the flap dips in the oil and oscillate, it’s much better the next day after i vacuum it LOL. Hopefully no more oil it’s gonna go in there past the new catch can and the one that is will end up in the engine or evaporate whatever.

I regretted i posted this when i saw it was much better after vacuuming and saw the first answer.

I don’t know the brand of the mat pump (10 bucks at Walmart) which i think are ubiquitous and the brand of the catch can is Evil Energy so you can’t blame me for spamming for that brand (it’s a can with two connectors nothing else). Other than that, it looks like you live in a world of spam nothing else man.

Advertising slogan: ‘The new Hyundai Tick sucks!’