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Hitch felt when turning

I have a 2006 Toyota RAV4. When I turn my steering wheel right or left, I feel a little “hitch” or “catch” at certain points. It doesn’t matter if I have the gas or brakes down or if I’m just coasting. Just came back from the dealer with an estimate of what’s wrong. They say I need a new intermediate shaft and quoted me an extraordinary amount to replace it. My questions: Does this sound like this is what is the problem? If I don’t get it fixed, will it get worse/cause other problems? How much do you think this repair/replacement should cost? Any other suggestions, ideas, thoughts would be much appreciated!!

The intermediate shaft is a likely cause of the problem. The other possibility is a bad rack which would cost even more to replace.

But you should also get it out of the dealer. I’m just assuming there is no warranty involved or you wouldn’t be so worried about the cost.

Find a good, local, independent mechanic. Have them provide the 2nd opinion and provide an estimate. This will double check the diagnosis and the estimate will likely be a lot less.