High style ahead for cars from India?

Mahindra & Mahindra, India’s largest SUV manufacturer has finalized a deal to purchase Italy’s famed automotive design house, Pininfarina.
This is surely a first step toward trying to expand Mahindra’s market penetration in countries where excellent design is a priority with car buyers.

Tata already owns Jaguar and Rover. Doesn’t that count as high style cars from India, even though manufacturing is in the Iindian colony of Great Britian?

What? Their tractors aren’t stylish enough??

LOL, good one, jt. Although I’m fairly certain our British friends might not appreciate the humor. :smile:

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@jtsanders Yes, and Tata also owns a large steel mill in England. When that transaction took place the newspapers carried the headline: “The Empire Strikes Back”.

Too close to home, @“the same mountainbike” ?

Gee, I’d hope anyone possesses a sense of irony, and has the maturity to laugh at a joke directed their way.

No, Jt, not at all. You are aware I hope that Ghandi led India to freedom from being a British colony? I assumed your comment on GB being a colony of India was a lighthearted comment on that history.

Yes, it was. When I said “too close to home”, I wasn’t implying that it was your home, but the original GB/India relationship you mentioned.

Tata had to buy Jag and Land Rover because they just couldn’t imagine using the advertising tag line… And NOW the NEW 2016 Tata’s! … in Britain.

Were they…bodacious tatas?


OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh !!! :smiley:

Ironically those humble Indians will make the Land Rover and Jaguar MORE reliable because they can afford to. The Chinese will likely improve Volvos as well for the same reasons.

Ford did a great job with Jag and LR to improve quality. Tata seems to be a pretty good steward of the brand given the nice products coming out the door.

The bane of English cars, Lucas (AKA the Prince of Darkness) is now owned by the German company ZF so they actually know how to spell and create “quality” now.