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High-speed crash in northeast ABQ

'Based on the preliminary investigation, police say a Ford Mustang was being driven at high speed south on Chelwood NE and blew through a stop sign at Constitution.
‘"The vehicle `bottomed out’ twice with the driver losing control," Drobik said, referring to the bottom of the car hitting the roadway.
‘“The vehicle began to slide sideways, entering the landscaping on the east side of the street, where it struck a large landscaping boulder and went airborne,” the spokesman said. “The vehicle vaulted over several parked vehicles embedding itself into the corner apartment at 1116 Chelwood Park NE.”’

They were auditioning for Fast & Furious 9 or the remake of Bullitt

Thought Evil Knievel was dead, I see the aftermath of accidents sometimes and have trouble figuring out what could have happened to make the cars end up where thy did.

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freebie and the bean bedroom scene.

A few days ago, I was driving North on US Route 1 with a friend, and I noticed flashing lights ahead, on the southbound side of the highway. When we got abreast of the accident scene, my friend and simultaneously said, “How the hell did that happen?”.

One vehicle was a pickup truck–which was facing the wrong way on the side of the road-- and the other vehicle–a sedan of some sort–was in a different, yet equally weird, position.
Reconstructing that accident is going to take a lot of guesswork on the part of the cops, I think.

Me too, how did they do that?

I live near the ocean in Florida. We see a lot of 20 foot plus center console boats being trailered. Driving to Orlando saw a pickup in the woods, his boat flew off the trailer during the crash and was perched on the roof of the truck.