High-pitched whining sound from 2006 Subaru Outback- Driveshaft?


I’m getting a high-pitched whining sound on my 2006 Subaru Outback when I accelerate above 20mph or so, and it continues at 70mph+. My son says that it sounds like a passenger jet aircraft at takeoff or landing (heard from the interior when the jet engines are being ramped up/down), and that is about right. The sound occurs all the time at those speeds…applying brake, going into neutral, etc. do not affect it. At lower speeds, I hear a low-pitched warbling/buffeting sound.

I took the car to my trusted mechanic a few days ago, and they checked all of the normal things first, like brakes, etc. Then, they called me in to the shop and had me walk under the car, which was on the lift. The sound appears to be coming from the drive shaft, which is somewhat loose and has some worn bushings.

Their solution is to replace the entire assembly, and their price for the part is about $600 (plus $100 labor). I’m wondering if folks know of reputable dealers for other drive shafts (re-built or new). I found this one, but have never dealt with the company: