High Mileage

I am looking at a 2005 Hyundai Sonata V6 with 108,000 miles. Carfax has it listed as one owner, commercial vehicle. The V6 Sonata rates very well, but the mileage is giving me concerns. Any opinions, I am hoping to get 20 - 25,000 miles out of the vehicle before buying new in a couple of years.

With a used car, one important thing is how well the car is maintained. If the company that owned the Sonata kept up the maintenance, the car may be fine. If you can find out how the Sonata was used, that also is part of the picture. In other words, was it used over the road, or was it used around town? If it had life as a taxicab, I don’t think you want it. On the other hand, my son bought a used Ford Windstar that was used on the interstate between two cities to carry small parcels. The price was good and he got a lot of service from this minivan.

Those were my thoughts. I also wouldn’t consider the vehicle if it were a taxi. Because it’s all leather interior, I’m guessing it wasn’t, but who knows. Hopefully the seller might have more information. The maintenance also doesn’t show on Carfax. My opinion may change after a test ride and I look at the vehicle up close. Thanks for the reply.

You need to find out whether or not the timing belt has been replaced, and I wouldn’t take anyone’s word for it. If the belt has never been replaced you will have to do it IMMEDIATELY upon purchase, so factor that into any offer you make.

If this car’s been maintained reasonably well I don’t see any reason to worry about it lasting another 20-25K miles, or even more.

If the timing belt breaks, however, the damage to the engine will be substantial.

Thanks. I was concerned about the timing belt also. I stopped at the dealer to take the car for a test ride and didn’t get past starting it up. I’m not a mechanic by any means, but the engine started hard and didn’t sound good. Like I said, I’m not at all trained, but the engine sounded rough as if it would cut-out at any second. It was certainly enough to give me a bad feeling. The interior and exterior where in excelent shape, but not good enough. Again, thanks for the response.

Good choice on not buying.

How do you recognize a taxi? Around here, they all have roof signs. They are all permanently attached to the roof, so any taxi must have a couple or three holes in the roof. I also think a taxi, if bought new, would have far more miles on it before they dumped it. I can’t believe that a truck this new could be a bandit cab.

If it doesn’t run right, it’s a no-sale.

Don’t buy rental cars.

You can expect most cars to make it to 200,000 miles with moderate maintenance. Of course lack of maintenance can reduce the life of any car, even one with far less miles on it. I would not worry about the miles, but I would reduce my offer some for them. I would agree that the timing belt needs to be considered.