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High idle speed

"07 Ford 500. Intermitent high idle speed since new. Dealer just shakes their head and says no big deal. Yes it is! Takes much more braking effort to stop. Pulling into a parking space it will shift from 2nd to 1st with a big lurch forward, catching you off guard. If you take your foot off the brake, it will take off up to about 15-18 MPH. In my way of thinking, this is controlled by the ECM. Surely Ford has heard of it by now. Any thoughts?


There is most certainly a problem. Even if it isn’t still under warranty, if its always done it and you have documented visits to the dealer then it is still in Ford’s lap. Go over local dealer’s head. Call Ford corporate and get a regional level service manager involved.

Likely causes, btw, would be a problem with the idle air control valve, sticking/defective throttle linkage or throttle body, or bad throttle position sensor (probably least likely).

Have you ever gotten a check engine light?

Never a check engine light

Have you tried taking your car to an independent mechanic? Dealers are not necessarily the best places to go when you have a problem like this.

Yes, and their position was to go to Ford’s zone manager. I think that will be my next step.