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HID headlights

would HID Sylvania Silverstar headlights be safe AND legal for my 2003 Chrysler Voyager? The ads say they provide more light and a wider area.

Some internet sites say they are legal and safe and some say they are not necessarily legal and COULD harm the electrical system.

Putting a HID light into a non-HID reflector is illegal, always.
However, Silverstars are not HID. They are just a different halogen light. They are legal.
The ones that are higher than 50 watts may cause problems with your wiring or with overheating the headlight assembly.

Note that HIDs are high voltage and require a inverter/ballast assembly that you would have add to your car. It’s not as simple as replacing a bulb. Your confusion might be because the Silverstars try to look like the color of HIDs, but they are not HID.

If they are trying to look like HIDs, then the bulb will most likely be blue in color, but still a normal halogen bulb. If you get those, they will be completely worthless in inclimate weather and will most likely blind on coming drivers. And yes, I do speak from experience with those blue bulbs.
Proper HIDs will come with housing for the bulbs, wiring and other things that need tied into the vehicles power sources. There’s no guarantee that your car’s wiring harness will be able to handle the load that true HIDs require.

Silverstars are not blue, and neitehr are HID’s. In fact, quite the opposite, Silverstars are whiter than a standard bulb, and also a little brighter. I have a set and like them, although my first set burned out relatively quickly. They are completely legal.

Although Silverstar bulbs are not HID, they are completely legal and won’t harm your vehicle. They draw no more current than standard bulbs. Try them and see if you like them. Some people do, some don’t.

I’m a fan of the Sylvania XtraVision bulbs, but I haven’t tried the Silverstars.

If i remember right clink n clank said these lights cost more and give no added light.

Well then they’re wrong :wink:

I experimented with them in my MR2. I had a friend install a regular halogen in one light and a Silverstar in the other. He did not tell me which was which (how’s that for scientific method! :wink: ) I picked out the Silverstar right away. It was clearly brighter, not only against the garage door, but on the road as well.

The added light is achieved by burning the filament brighter, but at the expennse of headlight life. Personally, I like brighter and am wiling to trade some life to achieve it. Others may prefer longevity.

Mine appear blue around the edges of the light cutoff area and they have the slightest hint of blue in the projected light area, but not overly so. Then again, these are factory HIDs, so that may be why, I’m not sure.