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Does anyone have a diagram for the timing marks for a 2001 daewoo Lanos. I have been working on this car for hours and I cant get it to run. PLEASE HELP ME!

you should invest 20 bucks into a haynes manual. it will pay for itself quickly.

now the 1000 dollar question; is this problem because of a broken timing belt?

as it happens i own a nubira.

you should pay attention to the same timing marks on the frame. they are above the cams, on the frame, and on the frame below the crank shaft>

again… the two revolution turn is key. since you must get it to agree two times, to assure that the cam sprockets are in sync.

and the 64 thousand dollar question is… this IS an interference engine. so DON’T start it unless you are sure.

thanks cappy. you said on the crank its below . I think I need a special tool for the time belt tensioner. I dont understand how it moves back and forth.

Thanks again cappy, won’t start until turned over two revs to make sure everything lines up. Now, how does one get the timing belt on because I don’t see how the tensioner moves?

the tensioner is released by the hex head bolt on the center of the tensioner.

the tensioner has a hex head “hole” on the steel strap which is integral to the tensioner.

this hex head socket uses a allen wrench metric wrench to tension the belt. then the bolt is tightened to snug the tensioner.