Hey, PJSecker

where did you go with your lockup converter?? I want to know what the outcome was.

Elly, You Can Click The Search Tab And Put In A Key Word Or Two.

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For him to know for sure, the trans needs to be disassembled along with the valve body and several converter clutch valves need to be miked and checked for leaks with a wet air test. If they show leaks, the converter needs to be cut open.
Desparation setting in Ellis?? You’re going to stress yourself into a stroke…

No, T-man, I am dealing with it pretty well. I still think his problem is the engine shuddering because the lockup hasn’t realeased soon enough. Now if ANYONE would check it out and find that to be wrong then I will shut up. I am sure you are a good Transmission man but we need to get the symptoms right before we tear into a transmission. I have been driving with lockup converters for 16 years and have never had a problem with one slipping. I drove a Chevy S-10 200k miles with no problem.