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have 90 dodge b150 3.9 v6 – sometimes balks when accelerating or going up hill --have blown muffler – have connected analyser shows no faults – have physiclly checked wiring harness and ground connections – no faults – have checked fuel pump & pressure good 20# – replaced plugs - coil – still same – am lost need some help – had contacted ask me .com and was told the OBC was a fault and you can not test it!!! That’s lame how do you know it’s bad??? didn’t get that. thanks

This car is 20 years old. How many miles are on it? At any rate, it should have an on board computer, and that should show first tier codes. Those should help and you can get them read at Autozone or other big chain parts store. Just how did the muffler “blow”? did it just rust out, or did it explode due to build up of gas fumes?
the latter would indicate a warped or split valve, or at the very least, a rich fuel mixture and incomplete combustion. this could be the result of water or crud in the gas tank, and or a clogged fuel filter, or even a slipping transmission. There are so many possible problems here I wish I could narrow it down for you but I cant.

as previously stated connect analyser and showed no codes – the muf blew when it hessatated from the build up of gases – fuel filter new – fuel pressure ok as previously stated – engine runs excellent except for this intermitting problem – trans ok

well no, your post does not say no codes, but thanks for the update. Exess fuel in the muffler is not good, and it happens when the fuel mixture is rich and or the combustion is incomplete. Had it happen on a truck when one of the exhaust valves burned. Have you had a compression test done on this engine? Just one bad lead or fouled out plug can cause this.

Uh I would think that “no faults” would equivalent to “no codes”. The problem I’m having is the same as if the points were bad or bad accelerator pump if it had a carburator. It doesn’t hesatates a much as it balks but not consistently.