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Hesitation and surging

1990 Maxima. The car hesitates/surges occassionally after warm start, but only surges for about first 1/4 mile, then its OK. Sometimes it idles low, especially when I come to a stop and apply brakes hard. I believe the two issues are related. This has been getting progressively worse over past few years.

It could be any number of things. Your check engine light is probably lit. Get the codes read for you and get back to this site with those codes.

If you are lucky, you can probably change the oxygen sensor and fix the problem. No guarantee but it worked on those old cars before. 1990 is close to 1987.

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking it might be O2 sensor…i already changed air flow meter, replaced fuel filter, throttle position sensor, cleaned throttle body and injectors.