Hesitation and surge 1994 mazda b4000

greetings from the lonliest road in nevada…after having my whole clutch system replaced…the truck now hesitates after 25mph shift 35, 45 and so, on it does not have a rough idle, it is like it has a hard time going then gets a burst of gas or air or will power and runs great till the next shift…,after replacing air filter, fuel filter. fuel pump & regulator, tps sensor co2 sensors and cleaning maf/map and fuel injectors, is using lots of gas too…the truck is still not happy,spent hours checking for pinched vacuum or fuel or electical lines…oddest thing,it won’t throw any codes…sure could use quick help as I dont mind walking since town is less than a mile long…it’s that pesky mountain lion running around that I would rather not have a run in with…

Could be a weak ignition part.
Coil, ignition module, distributor(?) cap & rotor are possibilities.

There are a few other things, Cam and Crank sensors. Has the plugs and wires been changed? Coil been ohms checked? Temp sensor monitored. The problem is that it needs to be hooked up and the sensors monitored while it’s running. Otherwise you are throwing parts at it and money away. Does this have OBD2? You could buy one of those plug in units to monitor what it is doing and fix just what needs fixing.
The Crankshaft Position Sensor sends a signal to the Ignition Control Module. The Ignition Control Module converts the signal into the “CAMSHAFT POSITION SIGNAL” which represents No. 1 cylinder at Top Dead Center.
The Camshaft Position Signal is used by the Powertrain Control Module as a signal input for ignition timing control via the Ignition Control Module.

hooked it to the code checker at the shop and my hand held one…like I said wont throw any codes…your answer is too advanced for me…an OBD2? no idea, yes had a complete tune up and oil change…dont feel I threw money away as the parts that I changed were the ORIGINAL parts from 1994,with 208,000 miles, it was time for new ones. the truck ran just fine before the clutch system was replaced. Thank You for the response.