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What is a VV 2700/5300? And where was it used?


Off the top of my head I think it’s a Variable Venturi carburetor used by Ford back in the early 80s.
I could be dead wrong though.

You got it!

It’s the Ford Variable Venturi carburator used in the 80’s.


I seem to remember the elderly lady across the street had an early 80s Crown Vic with a VV carburetor but the VV is the only thing that clued me in. The number designation I had no idea about. Just consider it a wild guess… :slight_smile:

The 2700 VV carb was used on the 302 and 351 engines. Above that the 5300 VV carb was used.


Thank you for clearing that number part up. I’ve never messed around with a VV but have heard they’re a bit ornery and require a special tool or two for servicing them.

They do require special tools. OTC made them and we had one on our shelf that collected dust. Factory returns with offsetting orders are nice.
Nobody wanted to buy it.

My fater-in-law had a Mercury Grand Marquis with that engine and carb. The thing was nearly impossible to adjust. Someone came out with a fix which would essentially turn it back into an old style (no feedback) unit. That seemed to work.

The change to fuel injection was necessary to meet EPA stadards for emissions. A Carb could basically not do that.