I have changed my water pump and thermostat but I’m still losing coolant…

You need a good independent mechanic to find the source of the coolant loss. There are numerous possible causes and throwing parts at the problem will lead to a dwindling bank account and frustration.

I did ask one and those are the things he said was wrong with it. I’m disables so I don’t have the money to go to another mechanic…

Then you will need to find the source of the coolant leak. Turn the car on, wait for it to get warm, then open the hood and look at all the hoses and the radiator to see if steam is coming out from anywhere. If it is, replace whatever it’s coming out of.

@Shadowfox is right, but if you are burning the coolant you probably have a bad head gasket.

Do you see a puddle under the car when it’s parked, or does the coolant just get low after driving and you need to refill???


Please tell us a little about the car, make, engine, mileage, any recent work other than the pump and thermostat. Any other symptoms.

Coolant has a distinctive odor. It’s especially noticeable even if it is leaking even just a little bit and evaporating, right after you stop the engine. Do you notice anything that sort of smells sweet if you stand in front of the car, or with the hood open, right after you stop the engine?

That’s it? That’s all we get for information? No make, model, mileage, or engine? No history, no symptomology? C’mon, we need a place to start here.

What tests has the shop done? What were the results? How long has this been going on? Are there any puddles? Any white smoke coming out of the tailpipe?