my 94 bravada is running like poop…I have replaced knock sensor,esc sensor,throttle position sensor,a compleate tune up including new coil and it still has a missfire and is slugish!!! have had it to the shop 4 times in 3 weeks they have throwen there hands up,cause everything checks out to par,they even did a commpression test and a fuel test!!! help please any ideas welcomed

Report the actual #'s from the compression check. I once had a shop check my compression. Across 4 cylinders I had something like 125, 150, 160, 120. They said it was “fine.” They didn’t seem to be kidding. (In case you don’t know, those #'s are not “fine” - at all).

I’d imagine there must be some check engine light activity and error codes. Report em if you got em. Get em if you don’t.

i will sure try and yes my check engine light is on and its showing a code( 43 ) wich is esc sensor replaced it twice within three days…thinken maybe the first one i purchased was bad!!!

You need to check the wiring for the ESC sensor. The computer can’t actually tell whether the sensor itself has a problem. A wiring problem will also set the code and interfere with ignition.

What were the results of that fuel (pressure?) test? Your Bravada should have the central fuel injected Vortec V6, which needs something like 55-60 lbs of fuel pressure to operate properly, and should not bleed down after the engine is shut down. Your truck is certainly old enough to have a deteriorated CFI unit, and these engines are notorious for them. If you lose fuel pressure after shut-down, suspect the CFI unit. It’s not difficult to pop that plenum off and inspect it for leaks, and if it’s leaking, it will make the engine run like “poop”, and make it use a tremendous amount of fuel.