hi tom and ray, my father has a 2006 toyota avalon. it has about 22,00 miles on it. he likes it and i do to. kind of. how much money would you think this car would sell for, AND HOW DO I GET RID OF IT!!!




You won’t get T and R here but will get a diverse range of opinions.

It’s your father’s car so why is it so important for YOU to get rid of it?


First, note that Tom & Ray seldom if ever monitor this board.

Second, if it’s your dad’s car, YOU really can’t sell it witout his say so.

Third, go to to see what its market value is. Click on used car values.


LOL, I can hardly wait to hear the rest of this story.


Especially since you say you both like it.


If you’re anywhere near Oklahoma dump that heap off on me. An '06 with 22k miles is pretty much done for at this point so I would gladly buy it as a fixer-upper.

Craig’s right; this has got to be a whale of a story. :slight_smile:


I’ll gladly take that heap off you if you live in the Ohio area. I’ll give ya $1000 for the junker. :stuck_out_tongue:



Well, the first step would be to purchase the car from your father since he owns it. Once it is legally in your name, then you can do whatever you want with it, including selling it to waiting members of this board.


I’ll bet they do, maybe even post under a pseudonym, but they won’t admit it.