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My truck is losing power and running really rough. it has a 350 with an edelbrok hi rise and a 4 barrel carb. i was driving home last night and it started running really rough. seems like its crossfiring or just missing im not sure. it has ran fine up until last night… i hit the 400,000 mile mark and the motor has been rebuilt three times now… what could cause it to run poorly and have no power at all

My dad told me it sounds like a cracked distributor cap or fouled plugs. i checked plugs, plug wires, and distributor and found no visible problems. i have only 20 dollars so i can either get plugs or a distributor cap (both about 15 bucks)


Ignition system problems aren’t always visible. How old are the plugs/wires/distributor?

Check the fuel pressure and change the fuel filter if it is even close to being due.

fuel pressure is good with a brand new filter plugs and wires and distributor im not sure how old or new they are exactly but not really old. it was running fine yesterday and last night i was driving home (about 40 mph) and lost all power and started running like s*@t. i need this truck for work asap so hopefully if i get a dist. cap and plugs and wires it will help… timing is at 6 degrees just like specs call for

Thanks a bunch… I feel as though I have some information walking back into my mechanics …And by the way, I’ve never had any plugs,wires or distributor replaced…probably time :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted.

yeah haha its about time

A distributor cap can crack, or the rotor can come apart. These are more likely culprits of a sudden change than spark plugs and plug wires. If you have limited funds replace the cap and rotor and see what happens. If you’ve not replaced them they are likely due anyway.

i just pulled the dist. cap and the rotor looks good and the cap is dry and has no cracks. the plugs are good none of them are fouled and the plug wires are new… fuel pressure is good filter is new pump is new gas is 91 octane from the same place i get it every other day. the oil is dirty but its full there is no water in it so im ruling out a head gasket the timing is dead on and vacuum advance is working fine all vacuum lines are hooked up with no cracks or leaks compression is perfect i just dont get this im going outside and freezing as much as i cn stand it and looking at everything i can think of but i havent found a culprit yet so any more ideas would be great. especially if its a cheap fix

does it idle smooth? I’ved seen rocker arm studs shear off (from improper torque?) and cause a sudden change in the way a motor runs. But that’s a long shot. I’d look for an ignition coil cracked, you said your fuel delivery system is good, so if that’s truely the case that leaves ignition components.

i pulled the spark plugs again and found that 2 of them were cracked (the ceramic part) and i have a torn plug wire. so i have to wait til friday to get paid and then get parts to fix it