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I have I 1973 ford f100 when it’s on steep hills and put the e brake on and put it in 1st gear it rolls back slowly

What Is Your Question ?

Do you want it to roll faster or not at all ?

If you want it to stay put:
Hill too steep.
Old truck.
Low compression.
Faulty parking brake.
Hill too steep for old truck with low compression and faulty brakes.

The cheapest, easiest things would be to look for a hill that is not as steep, or some lumber yards will give you short pieces of 4"x4" to use as wheel chocks.

That is a parking brake and it may need some help. Have it checked to make sure it does not need to be adjusted and that the cables are moving properly. You might even have some problems at the wheel. At the other end, you might need to apply more pressure when setting the parking brake.

You also might try using reverse gear, it works better for some people.

In the future, you might post a more pertinent subject line. When I see “Help”, my advice would be to call 9-1-1.

Maybe you should try “Ford Pickup Braking issue” or something, that will draw the attention of any Ford Pickup and/or braking gurus (instead of just random Joes like me, who can’t help you).

Good Advice.

When I see bobc455, I think of one of those skid-steer front-loaders with a large GM power plant. I see those Bobcats a lot and we used to have an Olds Toronado with a 455.

When was the last time the brakes were adjusted? When is the last time the parking brake was adjusted? The parking brake cable can stretch over time, especially over the span of 36 years.