HELP! VW Crafter Diagnostic Code P203B

hello! I need help reading the Freeze Frame from my diagnosis. The engine light came on in my VW Crafter 2010 and the code we received is P203B ($07e8) - Reductant Level Sensor Circuit Range/Performance.

My understanding is that this is to do with the DEF/Urea tank/sensor.

The Freeze Frame results are this:
Load_PCT 0.0
ETC (c) 76
MAP (kPa) 99
VSS (km/h) 0
IAT (c) 24
MAF (g/s) 222.22
TP (%) 89.4
FRP (kPa) 10140.0
APP_D (%) 5.9
APP_E (%) 5.1

*Note, I haven’t driven the van in 3 months. Its been sitting on our driveway since the light came on.
*Note, the van is also in Sweden and so the emmissions regulations are strict here. Im not sure if that makes a difference to the outcome of the results.

Any advice is helpful at this point. Hoping to avoid a big bill at the mechanics if we can fix it ourselves.

The the code is most set because the level sensor in the DEF tank has failed. Install a new one.

The site link above shows the causes in order of liklihood.