Help please bad alternator

so i have a 92oldsmobile i got from a public auction it never started on its own i jump started it and took it to a shop …then i got a new battery after they tested it and said it was bad…the next morning it wouldnt start completely dead jump started it again they say the alternator??? is bad …i didnt get the alternator and kept jumping it for a couple weeks … it holds a charge all day but dies overnight or loses power and would start all the way … now it holds power but wont crank over …did i make the starter go bad too now help please

If it cranks (you hear the starter) then I doubt the starter is the problem.

Auto batteries do not tolerate being totally discharged, they suffer damage when that happens. If that happens a few times, the battery becomes useless. So I think your battery is dead.

“holds a charge all day”. Actually is probably does not. The alternator keeps the dead battery charged until you shut the engine off, then the battery rapidly loses any charge it has.

“now it holds power but wont crank over”? How do you know it is holding charge if it won’t crank?

Get the alternator tested and replaced when you get a new battery.