Help! My car is Possessed!

Can anyone help me??

I got in my car this morning to go to work. I put in my key, turned it to start and my car starts “chugging.” Normally, I would give it a little gas, and it would start fine. Well, mind you, my boyfriend Luke was on the porch at the time, and he always gets on to me when I gas it since my car is fuel injected… so, I don’t gas it. After about 7 or 8 seconds of this “chugging”, he starts waiving his arms as if to tell me to shut it off. I turn the key to the off position, and remove my key… and it’s STILL CHUGGING!! Then eventually starts on it’s own, I put my key back in, and I head off to work.

At lunch, it starts fine, like nothing ever happened. I go to the gas station to fill up and this is when it gets crazy…

I, again, put in my key, turn it to start, and it goes,“chug, chug, chug, whaaaaaaaahhhhh!” Like I’m pedal to the medal… I try to turn it off and take out the key, and it’s STILL GOING! The RPM’s got so high that eventually just shuts off on it’s own. I try to start it again, and nothing.

After about 5 minutes of panic, I try it again, and it starts fine!

It’s Possessed!

Any Ideas?

How long have you been driving around with a lit check engine light?

It hasn’t been lit… But, I’ve had to replace my starter 3 times in the past 6 months. Other than that, it hasn’t given me any trouble.

Ah, what kind of car is this?

It’s hard to narrow it down without even knowing what kind of car you’re talking about.

I think you still have a starter problem, where are you getting them? Could be bad rebuilds, the bendix getting stuck.

It is a 1995 Buick Skylark LTD, 4 cyl, with 110,000 miles.

The first time it broke, I was in the parking lot, so I just took it to the closest place. That starter broke like a week later. Then, I took it to my normal mechanic and he said that the other guy must have screwed it on too tight because the thing was in pieces. Then, the next starter blew about a month later… got it fixed, and this last starter has lasted about 4 months now.

When it is doing this does it sound like it is the starter or the engine powering what ever is moving?

Sounds a lot like ignition switch problems. Not the key/lock cyl., since you said you turned it off and took the key out. But if the switch is defective, sounds like it’s hanging up and sometimes keeping the starter engaged while the engine is already running. That would explain several starter replacements. Also the starter (remaining engaged) will make unusual sounds while it’s being destroyed…

do you think that it could be a battery/ground problem or computer related? The reason I ask, is that my power locks and windows have been acting up as well…
Thats probably a long shot, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have too much information.

Could be separate problems, but it ties right in with a bad ignition switch. Your accessory power goes throught this switch…