Help my car is having white smoke come from behind the engine only on the passenger side

Help I have a 2001 Chevy Impala I am having white smoke come from the back of the engine on the passenger side only I have already changed my rack and pinion and my tie rods I don’t know how that could be great white smoke but that’s what my mechanic said it almost looks like it’s coming from the alternator which is on top of the engine and that’s the area where the smoke is coming from and the smoke has a burnt rubber smell and never smoked before on the car since November they did a pressure test on my radiator I do not have a coolant leak at all help any suggestions and my car stalls a lot could this possibly be the alternator smoking and causing me all the problems

You should bring your car to a competent mechanic…not this guy. Could be anything from a slipping alternator belt, a coolant leak or worst, a head gasket failure.

@COROLLAGUY1 is right ,take it to a mechanic ,and personal experience ,do it sooner then later ,going to cost you less