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Help ...My Battery in my Saturn Keeps Draining!

I have an 02’ Sc2 Saturn and I am going through batteries like there is no tomorrow!! I have read that it could be a diode ( alternator ), or a light left on… but, this has not happened " before ", before that is … my fiancee had to use a slim jim ( yes, the dreaded " I left my keys in the car " ) now the locks don’t work with the key and even though the locks show that they are unlocked you can’t open the door from outside. But, I got the power locks to stay in a " stuck " position and now we leave it unlocked and we can now open the door from outside. I am wondering if that could be part of the problem ( the keyless switch being in that stuck position)!!! Can someone help shed some light on this growing problem Please!! :slight_smile: Thanks

Yes, it could easily be part of the problem. The slimjim could have damaged the wiring connections to the door lock solenoid or the window regulator mechanism in a manner that left a high resistance short to ground.

First, have the battery and charging system checked. If they’re good, you can measure the parasitic drain (current flow) from the battery with everything off. If you have more than about 35 milliamps (.035 amps) then you’ll need to find out why. I’ve attached a link to a procedure.

If you have parasitic drain, look for a fuse for the door circuits as well as for the power windows. Remove those fuses and test again. If that stosp the excess drain, you’ll need to pull the inner door panels and begine checking for the short.

Post back with the results.