Help me replace my VW van

I’ve been a VW van fan for quite some time - '73, '76 and '87… Time to upgrade. Know quite a few disappointed Eurosport owners. I like the ability to sleep in the van and carry items like bicycles inside. Looking for suggestions on a suitable replacement vehicle. Heard the late '80’s Toyota Previa might be good; but I’d really like something a bit newer. Thanks - clear

Does a regular Minivan not meet your criteria. The Dodge Minivans have stow and go and everything folds flat back there.

The Previa is an interesting idea but what about a Honda Element, lots of room inside and reliable. Mechanically the same as the Crv

Sleeping in a van doesn’t sound like much fun but I agree the minivan are very utilitarian and many around.

I heard the Previa from the 80’s is good. Is this person really wanting someone to recommend a van that old ? Besides who else but the person using the van knows if it is acceptable.

If you have owned a VW van, a Dodge minivan will be a paragon of reliability. As others mention, a Dodge minivan has very flexible interior arrangements, and is easy to fix and service. A Toyota Previa has a difficult to work on engine.
As mentioned I would not buy anything that old.

@mike10, how much are you willing to spend? Newer extended wheel base minivans could be a good replacement.

Scion xb? with a case of oil ?
nothing good came of the dodge caravan after 1995 imo