Help me please desperate confused lady looking for answers

Can a cam sensor fault be caused by changing a timing belt/water pump on a Land Rover freelander 2? it ran like the timing belt was a tooth out but it wasn’t it was just showing a cam sensor fault but the issues started after the belt was fitted or is this just coincidence? I am going mental trying to find the answer

If this is the code displayed,

The answer is yes.


there were loads of codes 17CP42, P1259, P0102, P0 341 PO341, PO2EO, PO2E9, PO2E8, PO2E1, PO238,

10 codes ! Now seems like a good time to bail on this what ever year Land Rover this is . The repair on this could be really expensive . It might help to pay the dealer diagnostic charge for an estimate on cost. Make sure that no repairs are done without your approval.


That model would have to be somewhere between 7-15 years old.
Even if it is only 7 years old, the repair costs are only going to get worse from here on in.
If it is 10-15 years old… Uh, oh…

A lot of these codes come back as related to the intake system. Check to be sure all connectors under the hood are securely connected and that no wires are pinched between metal parts like the timing cover.

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P0341 is a camshaft sensor performance/range fault, it is likely that the cam timing is off (timing belt installed incorrectly).

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also check if there are any vacuum lines that are disconnected

If it was my decision, I’d take it back to whoever did the timing belt and tell them to finish the job, or pay for someone else to do that.


Honestly, a good time to bail on a Land Rover is about 3 minutes after the warranty expires.

Doug DeMuro over at Jalopnik got the extended warranty from Carmax on a Range Rover he bought, and he ended up taking them to the cleaners on it. Paid something like 4 grand, ended up costing them well over 10 in all the ridiculous repairs he had to get on it. After he got done with them, they jacked the price of the warranty on that particular model sky high.


I’ve seen some of those Demuro videos on his Rover (and others). Pretty entertaining stuff for a car guy. Also enjoyed the one where he scared himself in the Hellcat Challenger and used his Viper as a daily driver.

I thought that too, but the timing belt did not need altering just the cam señsor replacing which is confusing me?