Help me out .engine over heat problem Hyundai elantra gls 2003

Hello everyone I am in deep trouble ,I brought 1 month back ,then its runs fine few days it has 90k miles I drove 200miles.when I goinig to my job it’s show temperate rise up to H ,I stop road side let the cool engine ,I will back slow my home show the mechanic A ,he changed the thermostat and gives me then it’s run fine like 2 days after same problem repat ,I go mechanic B asked he chek everything and deside change the radiator because it has some leaks .so he did it gives me back again 2 days it’s gives same problem ,when I open hood anti freeze not circulating so he told told water pump then he chek the thermostat. He found it’s wrong one he change thermostat ,temp sensor ,give it me and I drive like few days when I go some shopping went back the car is not staring I tried battery gud not starting again again no use ,I called him he told starter motor dead ,and thing is past 2days its again showing heat rise up and cool down after few min .

Now what I do what not do .i put all money for the car .i am student I don’t bear car any more ,it’s not head gasket because engine oil good I checked its read ,so not head .
Please help me out any one ,my apologies for the bad English .


I know this short of comments I expected,my native language is not English ,I apologize for that.

"it's not head gasket because engine oil good"

It is entirely possible for an engine to have a breached head gasket, even if there is no evidence of coolant in the motor oil. Have a good mechanic do a compression test and also check for the presence of combustion gasses in the oil.

Test for combustion gasses in the antifreeze. That would tell if there is exhaust gasses getting into the antifreeze.

It sounds like your shop is doing all the right things. As posted above, it could still be a head gasket problem, and testing for combustion gasses in the coolant is a very good idea. This would be especially likely if the car overheated for some other reason first, like a radiator fan failed, or b/c of a coolant leak and low coolant, or the water pump failed. The first overheating often weakens the head gasket and after a while it eventually fails. Do you notice any air bubbles rising up in the radiator with the engine idling and the radiator cap removed? That also would indicate a head gasket leak.

Other ideas? Low coolant level, an air bubble lodged in the cooling system somewhere, or a faulty radiator cap could cause this symptom. Make sure the cooling system doesn’t leak and has been air-bled using the factory service manual’s procedure, and ask your shop to pressure test the cooling system, including the radiator cap. Those are all fairly inexpensive procedures. You might first want to just buy a new radiator cap if it is an old one. They tend to go bad after years of use.

And thing is car not staring now ,crank rotating but won’t start ,I will be in a big trouble now .thankyou very much for all suggestions. I will do it .

Pull some spark plugs, they may be fouled by antifreeze.