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Help I don'

Hello, I was the proud owner of a 2005 VW Jetta (new body style). I purchased the car in July 2008. Ive had issue after issue with the car. Recently, i had the engine light coming on. The car wasn’t acting funny or sound funny. Either way, took it in to the dealer and they didn’t know what was wrong. They reset the sensor and in a matter of a couple of hours, the light came back on. Next morning I was back in the dealership.

It’s a VW thing. What is the code? Take it AutoZone and then post the code if you don’t know.

The real question to ask is why the dealer didn’t read the stored trouble code in the computer. If they didn’t know what was wrong, the computer will give them a pointer. It doesn’t just light up the check engine light for fun.

Assuming it is currently under warranty, you need to document each trip to the dealer. This is required if it turns into a lemon law issue.

First I suggest you get the CEL code which will tell us why the CEL came on.  Note: it does not tell anyone what needs to be done, only what the car's computer things is unusual. 

 Keep records and when you have say three trips where the dealer keeps telling you he does not know what it is, then kick it up to the VW area people.  

 Get his "I don't know" in writing!

“Assuming it is currently under warranty”

A 2005 VW?
Probably not.