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Help I can't figure out what this code means

The code is p1399 and it’s for a 2000 Honda accord if anybody out there can help me figure out what this code means before I go to the Honda dealership it would be greatly appreciated.

Random misfire.

Google is your friend :slight_smile:

I thought 300 was ramdom missfire

google it for a while - Honda apparently has this extra mysterious random misfire code that apparently doesn’t even show up on a lot of ODBII code lists. i also saw some reference to it pointing to the EGR valve

I just changed the egr a week ago

The DTC P1399 is for: “Random or/and multiple cylinder misfire detected”. DTC P0300 is for: “Random [cylinder] misfire detected.” Note the difference.
There are other, and less expensive, mechanics available than at the dealers. Oh, well.