HELP! How do you change the transmission shift cable on a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan AWD?

I have had the worst month of my life!!! I own seven cars and they have all broken down this month, five of them in the last four days. It all started on Saturday…

I was driving to work on Saturday in my 2006 T&C and I kept smelling hot brakes. I initially thought that it was the clunker ahead of me. Turns out I have a stuck rear brake caliper. After work I limp the van home, wheel smoke and all. Sunday morning I jump in my truck and find the battery dead and will not even accept a jump start, Great! a bad battery. So I go to my old trusty 1993 AWD Grand Caravan. It starts right up and away we go. After work I start up old trusty only to find that when I tried to put it in gear the shift lever drops to the bottom, Now What??? Oh yeah, broken shift cable. So I open the hood and with some assistance from my wife I grab the trans shift lever on the trans itself and pop it into gear and drive home. The next day while attempting to fix the brake problem on the '06 I get a phone call from my daughter. She is telling me that her car is dead on the side of the highway, Thank you GEICO for the fast response with a tow truck. Then today… I have been reduced to shifting my GC into gear from under the hood. I’m thinking the worst is behind me, NOPE!! On the way home tonight the main wire coming from the back of the alternator decides to break off. Luckily there was an exit with a big box store open 24 hours right there and I was able to coast into it. After a half hour of shopping and some Macguyvering in the parking lot I was finally able to make it home, around 12:30 am.

So, My question is this; How do you change the transmission shift cable on a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan AWD ? The Chilton manual only shows a vague picture of it with no discussion on how to replace it. I tried to find info on the web with no luck…

Oh by the way, thanks to mother nature, I also developed a leaking roof and a crumbling foundation on my house this month… I am glad that May is finally here.

Pry the cable end off the transaxle lever.

Remove the clip that secures the cable to the transaxle.

Using two screwdrivers spread the two tabs at the bottom of the gear shift knob and pull up on the knob to remove.

Remove the rubber boot from the gear shift lever.

Remove the center console.

With a screwdriver reach into the shifter mechanism and pry the cable end off the lever.

Pry the rubber grommet off the firewall.

Remove the cable from under the hood.


This should have a column shift lever. Remove the lower instrument panel and steering column shroud (T-20 torx screws).