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Help- device to prevent sleeping while driving?

My mother in law tends to nod off while driving longer distances (I know, I know, she should not be driving but that’s another day!). I’m wondering if there is a device that she can use while driving that would emit a noise if her head begins to nod. One device I found online- Alertmaster- is no longer being marketed. Any suggestions?

Buy her the newest Mercedes. It comes with all kinds of devices that save the driver when she does stupid things, like tailgating and driving when tired. Just get her a brand new Mercedes, and she will be all set.

HAH! I could hire a driver and that would be even better!

The only one I’m aware of is a factory installed program integrated into the stability control system of some high end German cars. I think it’s Mercedes Benz that does this. It detects lack of proper driver input which could be caused by drowsiness, corrects the car’s course to keep it in its own lane, and beeps at you and turns on a dashboard light that looks like a cup of coffee. This is a new feature, and you will probably be looking at $25-30k for a car with this option. As you noted, anyone who cannot stay awake during sustained driving does not need to be doing any sustained driving. She should find someone else to help her drive if she has to travel longer distances. Even professional over the road truckers are only allowed to drive a maximum of ten hours a day to prevent accidents caused by drowsiness.

Don’t worry, whoever ends up being killed by your mother-in-law will feel much better knowing you considered a Mercedes, but it was out of your price range.

As my grandfather went downhill in his later years my father just finally had to take the keys away from him. After that the car had to be physically removed from the premises (he was a clever and crafty guy, my grandfather was. Unfortunately better at hiding keys than driving safely).

This is not an easy thing to do. But sometimes it has to be done.

My father used to have one that was worn behind the ear similar to a hearing aid. If your head nodded down or back it would beep to wake the driver. Sorry, don’t know the name of it.

For my father in law I disconnected the battery cable away from the battery. That worked.

For her sake and for the safety of others on the road, you need to act. If you can’t bring yourself to do it in person, contact your local police and see if they can offer you some help or suggestions. Some would be happy to help you and your mother-in-law.

Although I hate horns, they kept me awake when I drove while sleeping on the freeway. I owe those other drivers; lots of other drivers. Then, there was this trip from Limestone to Mars Hill Me… I don’t owe the passenger anything; he wanted to stay alive.

I want to die like my grandfather; in his sleep. I don’t want to die like his passengers; screaming in terror.

I remember seeing a great video on Johnny Carson on which he demonstrated this device. He tilted his head forward and it beeped. He tilted his head back and it beeped. He tilted his head to the side… and it didn’t beep. What can you get your mother-in-law? A map with good hotels marked along her route.