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Help! deperately seeking a repair!

My ex-husband recently canceled my auto- insurance without warning. I immediately took out insurance from Amica. A few days before Christmas, an SUV suddenly stopped and I hit the back of it. The whole front piece of my car fell off, although there was no damage to the SUV. There may be minor engine damage (there is a strange smell) but the car still runs.

I have been ill for the past few years, and I need the car to get to treatment. However, when I took out the insurance, I did not take out the proper coverage (I had never taken out auto insurance before.) Amica told me that I do not have any coverage for repair. I am devastated! The car is almost nine years old, and has 53,000 miles on it. I don’t have money to fix it, as I have been unable to work.

Can any kind person help me? I would truly be greatly appreciate and would be willing to make small monthly payments for the repair.