Help! Car smell from sealer in trunk not fixed properly

My trunk was being repaired after an accident. The body shop used a new sealer and then layed the sound deafening pads on top. When I went to get the car it stunk, but they told me the smell would go away after 24 hours. It turns out the seam sealer (3M Brushable Sealer) never dryed before they layed the pads on top so they said it was sitting like a wet sponge. After taking the car back because the smell didn’t go away, they took the car back, and found the seam sealer was still soaking wet. They pulled it out, redid the work and repainted. However, after a week there is still a smell. They are telling me the car still needs to air out and that is why it still smells. Other body shops told me the chemicals probably leached into the backseat from the trunk. Please help! I have young children and I am scared that the chemicals are going to make them sick. Thanks for any advice!