Help, car runs rough when it wants to

I have an 89 celebrity, 2.8 FI, has a hard time starting in the morning, have to try about 10 times before itll start. Runs a little rough til it warms up then runs fine and starts fine until I have driven it on my mail route about 30 minutes, then if i turn it off and wait about 30 minutes, when it starts, It has no power and I have to pump the gas to get it to run, if i floor it, it just stalls, I have to pump it and slowly eek up to about 40mph, and after it runs like that for about 1 minute, it runs fine the rest of the time, until I let it sit for 20-30 minutes then it does the same thing. I replaced 2 of the 3 coil packs and the fuel filter was completely clogged but I changed it. I never had this problem until it started getting warm out… Could it be the fuel pump or the last remaining coil pack or something else??? Ive avoided changing the last coil pack because it is a PAIN to get off! HELP!

“Could it be the fuel pump?” Why don’t you find out by putting a fuel pressure test gauge on it? That would be a lot cheaper, and more definitive, than just throwing a fuel pump on it.