Help Buying a Car

I have lived in the city of Chicago for the last 5 years, so I never needed a car and don’t really know much about cars at all. Recently got a new job and am moving to Sacramento and need help buying a car. I am 23 and looking for a car under about $22,000. I would prefer a truck so I can take trips to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe so will need 4wd or Awd. I don’t need a huge truck, but more of a compact type truck.

Not sure whether buying a new car or used car is the best way to go? Also I was wondering what are the best value trucks regarding price and durability. Thanks for your help!

You shouldn’t need 4WD for that unless you go in Winter and maybe not even then. I like the Nissan four door trucks but the skis don’t fit in the bed. They are 4WD and going for $30,000 new I think. I can’t remember any details and I never drove one. Keep looking.

Why do you need a truck? Do you plan to haul or tow things? Trucks have a number of disadvantages, so I’m trying to understand your needs here.

I would suggest a Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4, or Subaru Forester as a better option than a compact truck.

Ford Ranger though is an excellent value compact truck.

Second that advice… unless the weather is bad when you go, the roads into Yosemite and Tahoe in no way require 4WD or AWD vehicles.

And, for $22k, one should be able to buy a brand new Ranger.

I always thought and experienced when looking Nissan and Chevy small trucks were underperformers compared to Ford and Toyota. 2wd should be fine.

In 03 I bought a ranger for 10k, after rebates, cheaper than the used ones on the lot!