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HELP brake light ABS ETS (!)BRAKES chevy cavalier

1999 Chevy cavalier. Since 2010 Brake warning lights come on intermettently ABS, ETS (!)BRAKES, and traction. Brakes jerk the car forward a few shot times before car comes to a stop, car stops fine 90% of the time. Three different mechanics can not find anything wrong by looking at brakes and I’m lucky if they can drive it and have the problem happen which is basically every other day. New rotors were put on in 2010 twice first time they were warped, wheel cylinders replaced or whatever they do to them recently. Dealership said I needed new rotors I don’t think they know. Please help I’m scared to keep driving this way.

Did anybody bother to retrieve ABS fault codes? It sounds like one or more of your speed sensors may be bad.

they said the codes had been erased?

If the primary brake warning light comes on, it will cause the Anti-lock Brake System and the Enhanced Traction System warning lights to come on automatically. This is because the ABS and the ETS won’t function if there’s a problem with the primary brake system.

So if the primary brake warning light is coming on, you have to fix that first in order to get the other warning lights to turn off and for those systems to operate properly.


what is there to fix? what could be wrong with the primary brake system and how would you find out? the mechanics just throw up thier hands.

Arrange to go on a test drive with them. You should be the one driving, on a road that you’re familiar with. Accelerate and brake the way you normally do.

(Tester is correct) The parts that need to be replaced are the ABS sensors. There is one on each hub… You might want to shop around tho. Those parts and laber are kinda spendy .There would not be any codes for the ABS system on that old of a Cavalier. My 98 Cavalier only through emission codes. In a last ditch effort… if the light comes on…The cars manual will recommend that you find a safe place to pull the car over. Turn the car off and count 30 sec. then turn the car back on… That has also worked for me in the past.

Good luck,