Help: AWD problem in Volvo XC90

Hi all,

We have an Volvo XC90 at 66k. Recently I took it to a volvo dealer for break work. I was told that my angle drive need replacement (cost close to $2k). I have not heard any noise nor noticed any difference in driving since we brought the car in 2004. My mechanic said he never heard of this kind of failure before (it should not have happened) and no one can tell me how and when the AWD broke. Now my question is how would one know the AWD drive is broken? or how do I know it is working? I hesitate to pay all that money to fix something that I can not tell is broken. Also, is there any safety issue?

Thanks for any info/help you can provide.


Well, the first thing I would do is have them show me the failed “angle drive” on the vehicle. What is an “angle drive”? Has your mechanic taken a look at the vehicle?

Thanks for the reply!

I did not get to look at it at the dealership, I was told that the ‘angle drive’ need replacement. Not sure what it is. It also says that Bevel gear may have spline damage. My guess is that the rear drives are not in touch with the prop shaft so it is just free spinning (it is just a two-wheel drive car). I have not experience any sudden noise or error messages or any driving difference since I brought the car 6 years ago. My mechanic (an independent shop) told me that they never dealt with this before (never heard of this problem) and think I should continue with the dealer. It would be nice to get some confirmation.